Holistic health and pharmaceutical researcher, Suzy Cohen believes there is “compelling evidence for luteolin (not lutein) to help with brain-related illness,” like autism.

Autistic children are known to have low levels of brain inflammation. Many autistic children, though not all, show a very high propensity for improper release of inflammatory chemicals in the system and overblown allergic response, triggered by mast cells in the body. New research reveals that, according to Cohen, “Luteolin specifically stopped the microglial cells from overwork that led to ramped up levels of damaging inflammatory chemicals.”

Children on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) who received luteolin in clinical studies showed marked improvement in sociability, experiencing growth in communication, life skills, and interactive ability. Cohen emphasizes that this effect appears to only be only helpful if certain biomarkers (IL-6 and TNF) are elevated. A blood test is worth the time, as it has been shown that the biomarker TNF, which Cohen notes is “critical to all sorts of neurological disorders including memory, learning capabilities and migraines.” is 50 times higher in ASD children than others. Luteolin appears to help support nerve and muscle function, too.

The luteolin compound can be obtained by ingesting more parsley, thyme, peppermint, basil, celery, or artichoke on a regular basis. Supplements  of luteolin can be found in health food stores as well.

On the whole, luteolin seems to effectively reduce harmful, amyloid proteins and protect the mitochondria from free radicals. Thereby, luteolin is a particularly helpful neurological and cognitive supplement. It is important to remember that increasing the intake of luteolin will happen gradually. The compound is not a drug and won’t behave as such. Providing your child with the compound will likely be more and more beneficial over time, but improvements will not happen overnight. Expect to see a change over weeks or months.

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