Heavy Metals

  • How do you know if heavy metal toxicity is an underlying layer in your current health status?
  • How do you eliminate heavy metals, if you do have a build-up of them in your body?

Our environment is contaminated with heavy metals, usually the by-product of combustion, found in varying amounts in air, soil, food, and water, and which can become absorbed through inhalation or oral ingestion.

Heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, and more can accumulate in the body over time and are suspected of triggering conditions like:

  • fatigue
  • heart disease
  • thyroid problems
  • dementia
  • neurologic conditions
  • autism
  • autoimmunity
  • infertility
  • birth defects
  • and more…

The differences among patients, who store or “bio-accumulate” these metals, are in part due to genetic differences as well as nutrient deficiencies and exposure rates.

Some patients can excrete these metals easily and some cannot, which leads to a build up of these metals in our tissues, such as our bones, brain, and soft tissues. Many patients have elevated levels of toxic metals in their bodies, which can be one of many layers of toxicity contributing to illnesses.

Intravenous (IV) Chelation, while controversial in the mainstream medical literature, has been used at Holistica successfully for the removal of heavy metals for many years. It is a process of pulling these metals out with an intravenous infusion of specific agents that bind to the metal and help eliminate it. It is used to effectively lower or eliminate the total body burden of heavy metals.

There are also other ways to lower total body burden of heavy metals that do not require IV infusions. For some patients, oral chelation is just as effective and successful at pulling out stored toxic metals. This includes taking specific substances that target the specific metals you are storing to pull them out of the tissues and eliminate them for good.

Heavy metal testing is used first to determine, which, if any, of the metals are elevated. The key is knowing which metals you are storing, and then a specific plan can be put in place. Our recommendation would be based on your symptoms, duration of illness or exposure, and whether IV or oral chelation is more suited to your lifestyle.

If you are interested in testing and specific protocols for heavy metal toxicity, call us today. Holistica providers have been assisting patients with IV and oral chelation for many years and are eager to assist you in reaching your health goals. Please call 303-449-3777 today if you have additional questions about heavy metal detoxification.