Anxiety & DepressionAnxiety and Depression

Are you struggling with anxiety and/or depression? Is your current regimen not working to control your symptoms? Have you tried several medications to unsuccessfully manage your mood? Do you feel like your mood is controlling you?

Millions of Americans struggle with mood disorders and are seeking help to feel better. Many patients are not often helped by taking the conventional medical approach to using medications at increasing dosages to stabilize their moods.

Consider looking at your mood symptoms as a multi-factoral cause. For example, we know now that there is a direct connection between what is happening on the microbiome of your gut lining and what is going on in your brain. We know that certain foods can be triggers for mood instability and that certain toxins cause changes in mood and cognition. We watch patients get better when we restore the neurochemicals that drive mood and behavior, and most importantly, we rule out the presence of a chronic infection or toxic exposure for our patients struggling with anxiety and/or depression.

Did you know you can feel better and more in control of your moods? With the expert help of Holistica providers, you can have a charted path for recovery of your moods. By working closely with your provider and making adjustments to your plan when necessary, you will gain control of your moods and feel better.

Feeling nervous about eliminating your medications prescribed by your psychiatrist or primary care doctor? We will work with conventional medications until you are feeling more stable and can use an integrative protocol to address your symptoms.

At Holistica Integrative Care, we do not believe that the brain is separate from the rest of the body, but instead, look with a wide lens at the totality of the patient’s health to gather clues about what might be the central cause of the imbalance.

Holistica doctors assess nutritional factors, endocrine factors, dietary factors as well as routine blood panels to get the best view of who you are and what requires attention. All protocols are individualized for patients with patient input for the best possible outcome.

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