I have been a patient of Dr. Mary Shackelton, MPH ND since 1998! Over the last 20 years, Mary has consulted with me regarding my health issues & those health issues of my 3 children. The knowledge, compassion, humor & kindness that Mary brings to her patients is unmatched in her field! She has always made me & my children feel comfortable & listened to- even discussing sensitive topics. She always has provided a sound, reasonable, current & natural solution to any issue I or my kids have had. I am truly blessed that our paths crossed 20 years ago.

Gina Finney, 2018

I am grateful my family found Mary Shackelton MPH, RND and her Holistica practice. An initial skeptic of non-conventional treatments, I altered my view when Mary diagnosed my husband’s underlying health issues. He had years of discomfort, numerous provider and specialist visits, tests, procedures and medications resulting in no definitive answers – until meeting Mary. She has partnered with him, found the underlying cause and is actively involved in his treatment, improving his life and overall health. His positive experience gave me the courage to put my doubts aside – and I am glad I did! Working with Mary, has improved my overall health. Hard to believe I was willing to live with fatigue and discomfort when I didn’t have too! Mary has helped me understand the need and benefit of working with both naturopathic and conventional doctors – identifying the right approach for the issue. It is wonderful to have someone partnering with me to find optimum health.

Linda Lokay, 2018

I love the Holistica Clinic and especially Mary Shackelton, MPH, ND. She is caring, compassionate and very knowledgeable about chronic conditions and how to treat them from a natural perspective. She is able to find answers to nagging health problems that traditional medicine cannot find. Thank you for thinking “outside the box.” I appreciate your expertise and continued passion for true health and healing.

Jane Reagan , 2018

It’s a tall order to ask for a doctor who combines the best of modern day techniques with the wisdom from nature and a keen female intuition. Mary Shackelton, ND, offers this very special blend, all important pieces that I desired for my health care team. I do mean Team, Mary has such a great staff that is able to provide information on the latest allergy product to providing other perspectives on healing from acupuncture to indulging creativity.
Dr. Mary has created a space that meets my needs as a woman, from my annual exam to more specific treatments that are cutting edge and not available at other offices. I am an individual who creates my life and my health, and Dr. Mary is an integral part of helping me be the best version of myself with products that are in alignment with my core values!

Rachel Northrup, 2013

Mary Shackleton has been treating me since 2009. She is thorough in her testing and evaluation of your diagnosis and treatment accordingly. She takes the time and patience to listen to how you are feeling. I feel so much better than I did 9 years ago. I have my ups and downs, but Mary adjusts my supplements when needed. The treatment of Lyme is not an overnight miracle, but with a great doctor like Mary you will receive great results.

Laurie Dezenzo , 2018

For about ten years, I struggled with severe gastro-intestinal issues. I saw doctor after doctor, went through tons of tests, and no one could find out what was wrong. I was just prescribed more and more medicine. I was up to 10 pills a day, and every month, another symptom would appear. It was so frustrating! I heard about Mary from a friend and thought that since I had exhausted my options through Western medicine, I would try another approach.
Fifteen minutes into our first meeting, Mary said, “I know exactly what is wrong with you. Give me a year and you will be healthy.” It was so re-affirming to have someone finally who was able to help. It has been about a year and a half, and Mary has stayed true to her word. I feel amazing, and I am symptom-free and drug-free! I had always hoped that health like this was possible, and Mary helped show me the way. She has truly changed my life – I am a patient for life!‎

Jennifer , 2010

Mary Shackelton changed my life! After 10+ years of suffering from difficult periods, including ovarian cyst bursts, migraines and vertigo, I made an appointment with Mary. I was left unsatisfied with conventional treatments and sought a different approach. My first visit with Mary was dramatically different from past consultations with health care providers. After examining my records, we discussed my heath issues and lifestyle. That day she prescribed a multifaceted approach, which I adopted strictly. Only 2 months later, I am seeing remarkable results! Simply, I made it through my first cycle without debilitating migraines or vertigo in years. Thanks to Mary, I feel like a different person and am so thankful to her and the staff at Holistica Integrative Care.‎

Keely , 2010

Phone counseling with Dr. Shackelton is ideal, as I live in a remote area without good health care. Also, using email to follow-up on the small items that do not need a personal phone call saves us both time. My recent tests just created more questions than answers for me. Having Dr. Shackelton to consult with about my alternatives, sending me the latest information, and even shipping me the supplements I need is invaluable. I even had my daughter who lives in a big city talk with Dr. Shackelton because finding alternative care is not always easy.

Catherine , 2010

Grateful doesn’t begin to describe my feeling for Mary and her clinic.

For decades, I searched tirelessly for a doctor and health practitioner who would understand the health concerns I was up against. Her explanations and understandings of the human condition makes it safe to get on and stay on the track to health.

Life is stressful enough and to add health issues on top of it, can feel insurmountable. She makes the walk and/or climb, much more attainable.

The environment Mary creates around her practice is palpable from the minute you walk in to see her.

Her medical, spiritual perspective and knowledge along with her commitment to non stop digging for solutions is not only impressive, but the mark of a true human angel in service to those in need.

She is always in my “back pocket” and I am GRATEFUL to have her in my life.

Jodi Feinhor-Dennis, 2013

I was at a near flat-lined quality of life before consulting with Dr. Shackelton. I come from a community which is highly lacking in any alternatives to western medicine and I have been through a great deal in approaching my health problems for over a decade now. In dealing with limited opportunities, limited finances, exhausted resources, and some treatments resulting in some very serious consequences (lacking any form of cure); I cannot overstate my reverence for Dr. Shackelton in helping me on so many levels. I had come to her with many problems, but a very specific core issue involving severe menstrual cycle complications and pain. I had ultimately lost hope and she has encouraged me to not only build a conception of a healthy life, but to thrive regardless of my past issues, current lifestyle changes, and fears for the future. I have been sharing with all I know the brilliance and impeccable character of Dr. Shackelton and those that know me well are witness to the difference she has made in my life. I had literally hit a point where I was full of trepidation in response to seeking remedy in any local clinic or hospital and therefore avoided it at all cost, even that of my well-being. I have never felt so comforted or welcomed as I have when going to see Dr. Shackelton, whose care is made all-the-greater by the wonderful staff at Holistica Integrative Care.

Alexi Welsch , 2013

Dr. Mary is my go to doc when I need a boost for my immune system or need help fighting a cold/flu. She and her staff don’t keep you waiting and administer care quickly and efficiently.

Kirk Peterson, 2013

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Shackelton and her staff. They have been invaluable for my wife and I and our family for over 10 years. Dr. Shackelton has provided a level of personal care that we have not found anywhere else. Whether it’s general health or dealing with things like lyme and food allergies, the staff and Dr. Shackelton are people you can turn to with confidence.

Henry Lokay, 2018

My experience at Holistica has been nothing but positive! The office staff are always cheerful and friendly and very willing to help. Very different from most doctor`s offices I have to say! Both doctors are wonderful and really know what they are talking about. I mostly see Mary Shackleton who is kind, intelligent and very knowledgeable – what a combination! Thank you, Holistica!

Margaret Evans, 2013

Extremely happy with the care and advice I’ve received from Dr. Mary Shackelton. She and the team at Holistica are thoughtful, engaged and well informed on the latest innovative treatments and healthy lifestyle strategies.

Our teenage kids have been thriving on the I5 supplements. If you’d like some balance in your health care advice I’d recommend a visit to Holistica.

Matt Moniz, 2013
Mary and her colleagues at Holistica are fantastic professionals. From intake through the exam and consultation process they listen and work with their clientele, in an effort to get the best results. It’s truly a consultative process. Mary works with clientele to really hear what their needs are and then she takes an educated approach to treatment. I would recommend Mary to anyone looking for alternative methods of treating autoimmune difficulties like Celiac Sprue, diabetes and hypothyroidism. Working with Mary we came up with effective ways to treat my needs though a mix of conventional and alternative methods. I highly recommend Holistica Integrative Care.
Larry Marsh, 2013