Low Dose Immunotherapy

Many people struggle with seasonal allergies and a growing number of patients are struggling with sensitivities to things they never reacted to before. Children represent a growing population of people who are demonstrating immune challenges like never before.

Allergy and autoimmunity represent a loss of appropriate immune “tolerance” – the immune system is now confused about what is “self “and what is “non-self.” It creates an immune attack on what it perceives as non-self, even though that may be a benign substance, such as a food.  

Low Dose Immunotherapy retrains tolerance to the immune system for specific antigens, such as foods, bacteria, viral or fungal pathogens. This is truly a profound tool in retraining the immune response for individuals, who struggle with exposures to everyday common foods, plants, chemicals.  

Low Dose Immunotherapy (LDI) is also profoundly different from conventional immunotherapy used by allergists for environmental allergies. The concept is to give a dilute amount of a substance orally, and in time, the immune system recognizes these substances as non-threats calming the immune response down.

This form of therapy is ideal for patients who are reactive to many foods, environmental exposures (e.g. weeds, plants, trees, grasses, dust), and pathogens, such as bacteria (e.g. strep, Lyme Disease and its coinfections),  viruses (e.g. EBV), and yeast.

LDI is safe, more effective, and much more user-friendly than conventional immunotherapy. It is also able to treat many more conditions than conventional allergy therapy.