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The gut is the foundation of your health and without a strong foundation, little else can be expected to be vital. The health of our intestines is affected by what we eat, how we digest it, and how we live our lives.

We are inhabited by as many as twenty thousand bacterial species, which live in our intestines and which have been reported to outnumber our own cells by 10:1. Collectively, these organisms are referred to as our microbiome, and they are taking center stage in our health in every possible way. Recent studies often link certain beneficial bacteria to certain conditions, such as obesity, cancer, anxiety and more.  Loss of diversity and abundance of of these bugs is what begins the process of disease.

This microbiome is a dynamic evolving system and when in a healthy state, has important effects on our bodies, such as energy recovery from metabolism of foods, protection from pathogens, and support of the immune system. A dysbiotic state of the microbiome has a role in pathological conditions, both systemic (obesity, diabetes, and allergic diseases) and gut-related (IBS and IBD).

When these organisms get disordered due to digestive deficiency, poor diet, parasites, stress, medications, and repetitive use of antibiotics, the effects on the rest of our organism can be profound. Many conditions patients are facing overlap with a disordered gut ecology, and this can be an important starting point for healing.

At Holistica, we are focused on evaluating your microbiome and addressing its abundance and diversity.

In order to restore balance to a patient’s health, a comprehensive look at your digestion, microbiome, absorption, intestinal permeability, ratio of good to bad bacteria, presence of parasites, or the presence of blood in the stool will give us a great start to helping your gut heal. Our specialized stool testing will allow us to guide your treatment recommendations and restore balance to your gut for a healthier more vital you.