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Welcome to Holistica Integrative Care

Welcome to Holistica Integrative Care, a premier integrative medical clinic in the heart of Boulder, Colorado. We trust in the body’s inherent wisdom to heal itself and look beyond your symptoms to the underlying cause. We believe in treating the whole person and focus on prevention. At Holistica we take the time to understand and address your unique needs, and we are passionate about helping our patients get the full range of care that they need to thrive. Most patients who come to Holistica have been on a long journey, often seeing numerous providers and specialists. We work as your medical detectives to dig deep and uncover the source of your disease. Achieving optimal health is a journey, not a destination, and requires a collaborative relationship between practitioner and patient. Holistica’s integrative naturopathic doctors and practitioners work diligently to help you reach your goals and are committed to your success.


Our team collaborates to give you the best blend of conventional and alternative medicine. Take a moment to meet us!

Jessica is a holistic, integrative registered nurse who brings compassion, empathy, and humor to every patient experience.
Dr. Shackelton is a naturopathic doctor who practices environmental medicine with an emphasis on detoxification.
Dr. Zieve is a medical doctor with over 35 years experience in integrative cancer medicine.


Taking care of yourself sometimes means seeking holistic alternative medicine. Certain illnesses and symptoms are difficult to treat properly, which makes it important to consider all potential treatment options. If you’re hoping to work with the best natural holistic medicine practitioner, you’ve come to the right place. At Holistica Integrative Care, your wellbeing is our main focus. Our clinic for holistic medicine believes in working closely with our patients in order to provide personalized treatment. Every patient is different, which is why our holistic medicine treatment center takes the time to understand your specific ailments and create an effective treatment plan for you. You’ll receive individualized support from an herbal holistic medicine practitioner, who will provide insightful guidance on how to best curb your particular symptoms. Our holistic family medicine services are always offered with your best interests in mind, as our top priority is ensuring you’re able to live life to the fullest. We offer a variety of services to get to the root cause of your symptoms or illness and return your body to homeostasis. With the right tools and support, you can take back your health and your life.

We understand that some patients may want more natural treatment options to treat their disease and symptoms. At Holistica Integrative Care, we treat the whole person and offer a variety of treatment options that include IV nutrient therapy, low dose immunotherapy, and integrative medicine. Our integrative methods treat all types of cancers and are designed to complement and support modern oncology treatments. To learn more about our premier cancer treatment center in Boulder, CO, call (303) 449-3777.

Our staff is here to help you through your cancer journey and beyond.

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