Box of fruits and veggies

Clinical Nutrition

As Naturopathic doctors and integrative physicians, Holistica providers start with food first. Food is the most important exposure we have every day and forms the foundation of not only a healthy body but a healthy mind. Food as medicine is the goal of each provider at Holistica because no supplement or therapy will be effective if the foundation of your diet is not addressed.  

A diet that does not benefit your health is the major obstacle to your being able to be well. There is no diet that is perfect for everyone, and thus, your dietary recommendations will be tailored to your specific medical condition, as well as to the realities of your life.  A busy life is not an acceptable reason to not eat well and to care for your food choices, but we understand that it can pose challenges. So, we work with you to come up with the best plan for you to have the greatest success. Your success with your diet is important to the success of your treatment. Holistica providers will support the dietary changes needed to make your treatment plan a success.