Jessica Muniz, BSN, RN

Jessica Muniz at HolisticaThe saying goes, “behind every great doctor is a greater nurse.”

Jessica came to Dr. Shackleton’s office back in 2009 not knowing anything about naturopathic medicine, yet Dr. Shackelton took a chance and hired her on the spot. There was undoubtedly an immediate connection, and neither knew at the time just how much their partnership and friendship would grow.

A Cornell University grad, Jessica had always dreamed of being a medical doctor but took a detour halfway through college and graduated with a BA in psychology. It was 8 years before she landed in Mary’s clinic and was working on prerequisites for nursing school. Jessica started as Mary’s office manager and eventually got her EMT-IV certification so she could help with the IV clinic.

Jessica matriculated into Regis University’s Accelerated BSN program in May 2012 and worked at Holistica whenever she could. After graduation, Jessica worked in the Emergency Department at Presbyterian St. Luke’s for a year, had her first baby, and then worked at an integrative pediatric clinic in Denver for two years.

Despite Jessica’s three year hiatus from Holistica, Mary and Jessica continued to work together on various projects, including Mary’s blog and developing a detox supplement. Soon, it came time for Jessica to return to Holistica, and she finally feels like she’s “home.”

Jessica believes in patient-centered care and strives to give every patient a positive and uplifting experience. She prides herself in being a highly skilled phlebotomist and IV nurse and ensures her patients feel safe and comfortable, knowing that many of the patients who come to Holistica have been on a long journey and have undergone numerous tests. She brings empathy and compassion to every patient encounter, as this is what nursing is all about.

Integrative, holistic medicine is at the core of her being, and she is so grateful to work alongside Dr. Shackelton to help people uncover the underlying cause of their symptoms and bring them back to a greater level of health. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Science of Nursing to get her Family Nurse Practitioner at Regis University.

Jessica loves adventure and spends her time off mountain biking, skiing, running, doing yoga, gardening, and playing with her 2 boys and husband Daniel.