Menopause symptoms can seriously disrupt your world.

Holistic health expert Suzy Cohen asserts that the usual mood swings, weight gain and insomnia needn’t take over this season of your life.

Most women know about popular supplements suggested for menopause like black cohosh, flaxseeds, alfalfa, ginseng, and various soy-based supplements. Natural progesterone creams are often suggested as well.

New research also indicates that when serotonin, the neurotransmitter, (known as a ‘happy’ brain chemical) is low, your neurons die due to oxidative damage in the brain. Cohen notes that “This could precipitate hot flashes, insomnia, and mood swings catapulting you into a pro-inflammatory state with a disrupted sleep cycle and appetite like nobody’s business.

Cohen suggests menopausal women talk to their doctors about the following considerations for symptom relief:

5-HTP- an essential amino acid naturally found in turkey, cheese and nuts that may be purchased as a dietary supplement. It creates serotonin in the body naturally.

Melatonin- a natural sleep hormone. Sold in stores, it’s a strong antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation. A recent study revealed that women receiving 5 mg of melatonin nightly for six months slept better and lost a little weight.

Resveratrol- a beneficial phytoestrogen. Resveratrol has a similar structure to natural estrogen. Balancing estrogen levels may relieve hot flashes and insomnia.

Vitamin E- A fat-soluble antioxidant. It supports brain health and restorative sleep. Always take natural vitamin E.

Glycine- a natural amino acid. Glycine stabilizes brain cells powerfully, helping you sleep by calming your nervous system.

Adrenal help– Ms Cohen notes that, “The women with the healthiest adrenal glands tend not to have menopausal symptoms.” It  may be worth the time to investigate how you can promote better health in your adrenals.

Talk to your doctor to determine whether a combination of these nutrients, and adrenal support, might ease your most disruptive menopausal symptoms.

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