There is mounting evidence that genetically modified foods are unsafe and even downright dangerous.  It appears that the biotechnology companies have manipulated the government, our food, and the media and have put an entire generation at risk.  Until recently, we did not even know this was happening. We need to be vigilant consumers to actually avoid food that is genetically modified organisms (GMO).

GMO’s are the by-product of splicing genes from one species into the DNA of another in order to achieve a desired result (e.g. more drought tolerant plants, plants that are easier to harvest, plants that are more resistant to pests, plants that have a greater yield).  This process of putting genes from one species into another has proven to be a dangerous experiment, and unbeknownst to us, we have been the subjects under study. Eating experimental foods is putting our health at risk.

Most of the foods in the grocery store are contaminated with genetically modified food ingredients….

Milk in the US has been tainted by the use of genetically modified growth hormone (rBGH) which was injected into cows.  This growth hormone increases the yield of milk by more than one gallon per day per cow. The federal government maintains that it is perfectly safe despite the fact that its use remains illegal in many other countries. Last time I checked, I do not think the Federal Government is doing an excellent job at protecting my health.

There has been an invasion of genetically modified foods in our food supply without anyone having a vote or a say in what has taken place.  We are eating foods that have been genetically modified and their safety has yet to be determined. The majority of Americans do not understand the risks of eating GMO foods and the consequences to the natural environment and ecosystems.

Jeffrey Smith’s book and international bestseller, Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies about the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You’re Eating is a book that each of you needs to read in order to be better informed about the insidious actions taking place every day that threatens the safety of our food supply. If I sound outraged, I am. And we all should be.

If you do not have the time to read a full book but are very interested in the subject, a female Canadian produced a documentary that focuses on the inner workings and manipulations from one gigantic corporation.  The World According to Monstanto is worth your time and will help you gain all the insight you need into this grave situation.

A documentary that the government doesn’t want Americans to see….WATCH IT HERE: The World According to Monsanto (this is video 1 of 10 you can watch on You Tube)

The threats from eating foods from genetically modified crops include but are not limited to: increased allergies, the over expression of some genes that could become tumor promoters, creation of highly virulent new viruses, nutritional value changes, and immune system triggers that could increase autoimmunity to one’s own tissue.  The extent of the dangers of eating GMO foods has yet to be fully identified.

In the US,  Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Wild Oats announced that they would be removing GMO food from their store brands. Gerber Baby foods has also changed their ingredients.  When a store or brand removes GMO from their store brands, it usually creates a stir in the industry. When a store has made this commitment, they send a letter to their suppliers who contact their suppliers and the communication goes through the chain.   A store could potentially have hundreds of food items that now need to be sourced from a different supplier — this could affect thousands of businesses. Hopefully, supporting Non-GMO’s becomes the rule rather than the exception, and companies start to put the safety of the public first!

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to avoid eating foods that are GMO:

1. Visit the Seeds of Deception website for information and education.
2. Download the NON-GMO SHOPPING GUIDE, which lists the foods that are safe to consume and those to avoid. Have a voice through where and how you spend your money because money does talk!  Keep this guide in your car or purse for shopping trips.
3. Avoid the high risk foods: corn, soy, sugar, canola oil, cottonseed oil (cotton)
4. Buy organic whenever possible.
5. Look for “Non-GMO” verified seals.

Most importantly, read the book or watch the video so that you can stay informed on these issues that are happening silently all around us.