EVOO is good. This Mediterranean gem tastes good, feels good, and is good for your bodily systems. However you use it, you’ll likely be better for it.

What are the key benefits of EVOO?

·      Polyphenol Content. EVOO contains an amazing variety of polyphenols that act as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

·      Anti-inflammatory properties. Not dependent on specific intake amounts, consuming EVOO just a couple of tablespoons daily reduces inflammation markedly.

·      Cardiovascular Health. Olive oil is touted for its regulatory effect on cholesterol, blood pressure, and inflammation, all factors impacting heart health.

·      Digestive Health. Research shows that EVOO may be instrumental in the protection and preservation of the digestive tract, shielding it from digestive cancers and slowing the growth of unwanted bacteria.

·      Bone Health. Two of EVOO’s polyphenols improve bone growth and repair significantly in animals, suggesting significant benefits for post-menopausal women.

·      Cognitive Health. Regular use of the oils has been shown to improve visual memory and verbal fluency.

·      Anti-Cancer Properties. EVOO improves cell membrane function. This alters cancer development and gene expression in cells, so that their ability to fight the cancer is improved. EVOO also acts a as a protector of our DNA from oxygen damage, bolstering cell function. Recent studies have shown that EVOO intake reduces the risk of breast, respiratory tract, and upper digestive tract significantly.

How do you enjoy more olive oil in your diet?

·      First, be sure you are purchasing oil from the first pressing of olives. The benefits of the oil are obtained through this pressing best.

·      Use the oil in salads or on cooked foods, rather than cooking with it for best results.

·      Consider replacing butter for breads with a drizzle of oil mixed with balsamic vinegar to taste.

·      Feel free to indulge, as EVOO rarely causes any sort of allergic reaction.

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