Want to lose weight? Here’s what you’ve got to do:

1.     Fix your hormones and you brain.

2.     Fire up your metabolism.

So, how do you do that? Here’s how:

o   Forget willpower. Science is your friend. Starvation doesn’t work for long. Eventually you eat or your body goes into protect mode, holding onto that fat and slowing the metabolism you need to speed up.

Try this instead: Develop a healthy appetite: Eat whole food until you’re satisfied. Eat protein in the morning, and nothing 3 hours before bed. Balance meals for blood sugar and lower insulin.

o   Forget calorie counting. Some calories make you fat by shifting your metabolism into low gear and spiking insulin levels.

Try this instead: Make peace with calories: Eat primarily low-glycemic food. Eat grains and beans in low quantities. Remember that sugar is not your friend, and stay away from artificial sweeteners too.

o   Forget low-fat diets. Low-fat diets and weight loss are a myth. Low-fat diets and diabetes, unfortunately, are not.

Try this instead: Fat is not to be feared. Eat healthy fats at every meal and fewer carbs for weight-loss results. Embrace vegetable fats like avocado, nuts, seeds, and coconut oil. Try clean animal fats with omega-3 as well.

o   Forget denial. You need to address the inflammation. Gut problems, allergies, and toxins in your system should not be allowed to wreck your body. You need medical intervention.

Try this instead: Rid yourself of inflammatory foods completely for three weeks. Heal your gut with a low-glycemic, low-starch diet. Detox.

o   Forget failure. You can be successful at returning to health and vibrancy. Lay the right groundwork, instead of being overwhelmed by the changes.

Try this instead: Be sure to have the right food around, plan your exercise and round up a group of friends to do this together.

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