We have to solve our disease dilemma, fast. The only way to do it is to relinquish our delusions about what disease really is and how we can be cured.

The high costs of managing the diseases of the American lifestyle is devastating our people and our economy. Worse, the problem is going global as more and more countries follow our poor  example.

Every year, we come up with new drugs, treatments, and procedures to combat chronic maladies while getting less and less positive return for our efforts. Chronic diseases afflict half, that’s one in two, of all Americans. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, dementia, asthma, depression, autism, and hormonal problems, among other conditions, are destroying the health of our nation and its financial stability as well.

It’s time for a paradigm shift. Conventional medicine cannot contend with today’s chronic illness. Developing a “pill for every ill” can no longer stand as the treatment of choice.

The wave of our medical future is Functional Medicine.  According To Dr. Mark Hyman, this paradigm shifts our perception “from medicine by symptom to medicine by cause, from medicine by disease to medicine by system, from medicine by organ to medicine by organism.”

Furthermore, learning to see the body as a network of biologically intersecting, interactive processes will help us to recognize disease as circumstances of balance and imbalance. Balance equals health. Imbalance equals disease. Functional Medicine then reorders the biological puzzle in a way that could conceivably help “solve our health care crisis nearly overnight, if it was understood and applied widely.”

Functional Medicine is not just about making healthy lifestyle improvements. Functional medicine is personal. It delves deeper, and seeks to restore and create health. Faced with this approach, disease doesn’t stand a chance.

The point is, health practitioners have to start asking better questions: what are the root causes of their patient’s diseases? What is causing the inflammation that fosters so much needless suffering? It’s time for new medicine.

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