Dr. Mark Hyman, MD is known for his advice to those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He also has some insight regarding your skin.

When you have a skin problem, such as acne, you typically see a dermatologist. The dermatologist can examine your skin and advise you how to best solve the problem. This usually involves applying a cream. However, Dr. Hyman considers this the wrong approach towards skin care.

Inside Out Skin Care

Why is cream the wrong approach?  Because over the course of his career Dr. Hyman has learned that what you put inside you is just as important, if not more so, than the outside. If we are experiencing problems such as a food allergy, an imbalance of the gut, or nutrient problems those issues will come forth in the health of our skin.

Another problem is that many of the skin care products that we use in the United States are actually quite harmful for our skin. Dr. Hyman notes that while the U.S. has banned eight harmful chemicals from cosmetics products, the European Union has banned 1,300 chemicals.

This means that the average cosmetic product sold in the United States probably has many toxic chemicals, which you in turn apply to your skin.

Even worse, the FDA has no standards for chemicals in beauty products, nor are there any appropriate labeling standards either. What makes things worse is that if you buy a product that is considered “organic” that product could, in reality, be comprised of only as little as 10% organic ingredients.

Other Skin Care Options

So what can we do to make better, more informed choices regarding healthy skin care products?  Dr. Hyman recommends The Detox Market, a store that has done the legwork to make sure that their products are safe for your skin.

Want to learn more about where to find healthy skin care items? Read the full post by Dr. Mark Hyman here:  What You Put on Your Skin Matters Just as Much as What You Eat.