Suzy Cohen, RPh is a trained pharmacist knowledgeable with how modern medicines work. However, she is also fascinated with natural remedies, in particular, those mentioned in the Bible. Remember hearing about frankincense and myrrh? Well, it turns out these and other natural remedies have tremendous healing powers.

Let’s start with the two mentioned above, frankincense and myrrh. Frankincense is also called Boswellia serrata.  It is a resin that contains properties that help with joint pain. It also shows potential for helping people with cancer and maintaining the health of the ovaries and bladder. Myrrh is an oil that is also called Commiphora myrrha. It’s used to treat cuts and has antiseptic properties that help with lowering the chance of infection. Watch out though because myrrh, as described by Cohen, “smells awful.”

More medicinal help from nature

Another helpful plant is actually a nut-almonds. Almonds contain salicin, which is used to make salicylic acid and is the main ingredient in aspirin. Research shows that almonds can help with preventing the formation of blood sugars after meals.

Garlic is another food that helps your body too. Eating garlic helps keep your cholesterol in check and also acts as a blood thinner. Garlic can prevent Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme as well.

Want to increase the number of fatty acids in your diet? Try olive oil. Olive oil also helps to support the health of your immune system.  

Feeling down?  Try saffron. It contains crocin and safranal which acts as an antidepressant and helps you maintain levels of dopamine and other mood-related chemicals.  

Interestingly, research has been conducted on sage with people who have been diagnosed with mild or moderate Alzheimer’s. Sage helped these patients with cognitive functioning.  It also helps treat cold sores and genital herpes as well. Another spice that helps with neurological issues, such as seizures, is black cumin

Cohen’s research shows that we have a lot to learn from ancient times for how to use foods, spices, and oils to treat health issues that affect us still today. For more information on using plants, read the full article here:  8 Incredible Medicinal Plans from the Bible.