There are quite a few studies being done on the effects that cabbage has on cancer. The results are impressive; cabbage does indeed prove helpful as a cancer preventative. There are more cool things that cabbage does for you. When you eat steamed cabbage, you get cholesterol-lowering benefits.

There are different kinds of cabbage that all have different glucosinolate patterns, so the best health benefits come from eating all three types (red, green, and savory). All cabbages, savory in particular, are high in sinigrin which your body converts into a cancer-fighting chemical. It is important to note that only raw and lightly cooked cabbage has the important cancer-fighting chemical. If you cook it too long, you lose the cancer preventive benefit. The study showed that steaming cabbage is the better way to cook it without losing the cancer fighters. Two minutes in the microwave caused the same nutrient loss as seven minutes of steaming. Another method is a healthy sauté. It has the same effect as steaming, but it brings the flavor out better.

Other health benefits of eating cabbage include antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, cardiovascular support, detoxification aides, and digestive support. It’s recommended to incorporate cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables, at a minimum of two to three times a week, in portions of one to one and a half cups. For better results, consume cabbage and other vegetables from the cruciferous family four to five times a week, and in a serving size of two cups. Even though cabbage is often called a goitrogenic food, this is not the case. There are no types of food that are goitrogenic, even when consumed to excess. The problem is in certain people’s unique health circumstances that mismatch with chemicals in the cruciferous family, not the food itself. More information about cabbage, along with recipes, can be found in the article.

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