The crimini mushroom is quite a powerhouse in the food world. These little mushrooms do a lot for your health. They help the immune system, cardiovascular system, fight cancer, are anti-inflammatory, and antioxidants.

The effect of crimini on the immune system is unique. There are three types of white blood cells that protect us from illness, and the crimini affects all of them. Sometimes it’s best if certain types of white blood cells stay inactive, and other times when the white blood cells need a boost. The crimini does this for us. It helps check and balance our white blood cells.

The vitamin D in crimini is a bit complicated. The bottom line is that crimini have vitamin D1 and may have vitamin D2, but neither of these are fully functional vitamins for humans. So eating mushrooms for health benefits is great, and you might get a boost of vitamin D, but you can’t count on crimini to supplement your vitamin D intake. The same goes for vitamin B12: Some crimini have it and some don’t, so it’s more of an added bonus than an adequate source of B12.

One of the things that puts us at risk for common health problems like cardiovascular disease, type two diabetes, and cancer is chronic inflammation. There are many reasons for chronic inflammation in our body. When this happens, the molecules in our body send a message to the inflammatory system to keep sending an inflammatory response. These molecules are called pro-inflammatory molecules. What crimini does is block the production of the pro-inflammatory molecules. Recent studies on animals show that the crimini mushroom does this better than other mushrooms.

For the cancer-fighting part, it’s really cool. In a healthy cell, you want your immune system to respect the cell and not over inflame it. What the crimini does to cancer cells is help your immune system attack them, and has your inflammatory system give the cancer cell a self-destruct code. There is a lot this little mushroom can do for you. Plus, it tastes good.

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