Are you struggling with the symptoms of depression and want a more natural solution for treating symptoms? It turns out that there are several kinds of supplements and herbs that show promise in fighting depression.

One supplement is 5-HTH or 5-hydroxytryptopha. It can help with boosting serotonin levels in the brain.  Another type of supplement is SAM-E, which is an acronym for S-andenosylmethionine. This is a chemical found in the human body that has been manufactured synthetically into a supplement. It has potential as an antidepressant. The third kind of supplement that may sound more familiar are omega-3 fatty acids.

Besides supplements, there are also several kinds of herbs that could help with treating depression:

Ginseng:  Used for millennia as a part of Chinese medicine, ginseng helps with mental clarity as well as with managing stress. It can also boost energy. These qualities make it an effective method for addressing depression symptoms. However, it can trigger mania for those who have bipolar disorder.

St. John’s Wort:  Used in Europe as a prescription for depression treatment and studied in depression research. Like Ginseng though it can also cause mania for those with bipolar disorder.

Lavender:  An essential oil used to calm those who have anxiety and can help with mood. May have the possibility of improving sleep quality.

Chamomile:  Holds potential for treating depression.  In a research study was more effective than placebo.

Saffron:  Also has the potential for depression treatment.

It should be noted that herbal remedies and dietary supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S., unlike other drugs or prescription medications. If you are considering using these type of remedies, make sure to consult with a physician. However, the expanding research into these products means that people with depression will have more options available for managing and treating symptoms.

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