When your energy dwindles and your health starts to fade, try superherbs instead of the latest pharmaceuticals. Your  body really needs healthier options and more complete healing than synthetic options can provide. Superherbs help your body heal from the inside out and will address your body as a whole instead symptom by symptom. Consider the following list, easily picked up at your local health food store:

  • Oregano is good for cold and flu symptoms. Used in the oil form, oregano is a potent antiparasitic, antiviral, immune booster. It is especially good at correcting the gut imbalances caused by too much sugar or grain.
  • Turmeric addresses headache and inflammation. Trade your ibuprofen for this inflammation reducing compound. It has been shown to help calm and soothe inflammation in the body, wherever it hides. The gold-colored root may be ingested in a variety of forms, try it sprinkled over your favorite dish or blended into a beverage.
  • Rhodiola is great for focus rather than caffeine. Get your focus back, manage your blood pressure, and stabilize your heart rhythm with this adaptogen. Rhodiola will keep fatigue at bay and soothe you so that stress is less damaging.
  • Arnica for muscle soreness after workout works well. Exercise to your heart’s content if you have this oil on hand. It may be used externally for massage and to manage soreness, swelling, and joint pain. Who needs IcyHot?
  • Chamomile is worth a try if you suffer from cramps. PMS is no problem with chamomile tea to quell menstrual discomfort. This herb is said to be a natural muscle relaxer.

All in all, one or more of these herbs is capable of calming your body with only the most natural components. To get a more comprehensive view of these herbs and their benefits, take a look at the information provided by the following article.


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