Dr Mark Hyman has had it with the FDA Food Guidelines. The food pyramid, taught to schoolchildren for years and held in high esteem for too long, says Hyman, has led to the worst health epidemic in history. Unhealthy food choices and a general lack of knowledge regarding dietary needs have turned our bodies against us. Obesity and diabetes are taking us down.

What happened?

We first went off the rails in the late 1970’s. Noting the rise in heart disease, the country dove headfirst into a low-fat philosophy researchers mistakenly believed would save us. They were wrong. All dietary fat is not bad. To our detriment, we cut  back on fat and lost out on the healthy benefits of meats, eggs, whole milk, and butter. Processed foods replaced whole foods. The American population was guided toward increased amounts of sugars and carbs, ingesting about 6-11 servings as suggested by that food pyramid! Counting calories and worries about fat kept us away from healthy fats and the nutrients that positively affect our moods, cognitive health, and overall brain function.

The real danger, of course, turns out to be the enormous amounts of sugar and sugar substitutes the food industry has added to our food over the years. No body is meant to  process all of that. Inflammation and diabetes, what Dr Hyman calls “diabesity,” results.

Through the years, the government has been reluctant to reverse course. Even as recently as 2010, the government — and food companies with deep pockets — set forth a revised dietary guide to replace the old pyramid. Unfortunately, it still clings to the low-fat model and neglects the dangers of a diet so heavy in sugar-producing carbs.

So, it falls to highly aware and diligent researchers, physicians, and laymen to find a better way. Dr. Hyman lays out a plan of several “pegan” (a blend of Paleo and vegan diets) guidelines for healthy food consumption. To learn the rules, investigate the attached article.

Read the full article here: How Our Government Made Us Fat and Sick!