So many of us just don’t know how to love ourselves the way we are, however we are.

That inability is primarily created by the way we are raised. A lot of how we feel about ourselves is conditional, a result of mixed parental messaging.

Did you grow up feeling that you were lovable only if someone else loved you, or if you were ”good,” deserving, or humble enough?

You are not alone.

As much as we all want unconditional love, most of us haven’t received it.

What can you do to adjust your self-perception and show yourself some love?

  • Discover the inner place where unconditional love exists.
  • Remove the obstacles that keep you from unconditional love.

Dr. Deepak Chopra reminds us that the two activities are linked. Conditioned love isn’t transformed into unconditional love. He believes instead that through “pure consciousness,” or what the Indian tradition calls Ananda, we can learn how to love ourselves.

How do you achieve Ananda?

Is there a way to become conscious despite our pasts?

Dr. Chopra says yes. He advocates meditation or yoga. The object is to engage in a “contemplative” process that will keep you in a peaceful, connected place, instead of pulled back toward unloving memories and insecurities.

To achieve true self-compassion, it is important that you practice kind behaviors, and avoid self judgment. Love yourself as fully as you do the family and friends in your life.

Practical steps you can take include:

  • Smiling at your own reflection.
  • Accepting compliments graciously.
  • Enjoying the approval of others.
  • Standing up for yourself.
  • Giving yourself grace when you make mistakes.
  • Being you, not a people pleaser.

Essentially, Chopra encourages us to use our negative self-perceptions as “guides for change.” Take a step every day to walk away from the negativity that robs you of your own self- appreciation.

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