High cholesterol is a lifestyle and dietary malady. The condition may be controlled through well-informed use of herbs and supplements, but not eradicated. As you take steps to amend your health choices, consider the following herbs for lowering your cholesterol levels and improving cholesterol elimination through bettered circulation:

Garlic: Eaten chopped and raw, garlic is a powerful ally to the body in a variety of ways. The walls of the arteries are opened as cholesterol is emulsified. The immune system is aided by its natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Digestive problems are eased. Even high blood pressure and cancer are inhibited by the powerful food.

Green Tea: A daily cup can refresh and provide significant health benefits. Studies reveal a balancing effect from the herb as it increases “good” (HDL) cholesterol and lowers “bad”(LDL) cholesterol. Green tea also strengthens the immune system, fighting cancer and cardiac disease. It is also an antioxidant and useful in combating infection.

Psyllium: As it provides much needed fiber, psyllium seeds combine with water to gel, enlarge, and cleanse the intestine. The mass absorbs cholesterol, reducing the amount absorbed into the blood stream. Colon and intestinal health are improved as well, not to mention overall health.

Red Yeast Rice: This food is the standout among cholesterol reducing herbs. It is capable of alleviating trouble until other measures take effect. Red yeast effectively slows down cholesterol production without side effects or a trip to the pharmacy. That said, if you have liver disease, kidney disease, serious infections, are nursing, received and organ transplant, or wish to give red yeast rice to a child, investigate more thoroughly before going forward.

Other Herbs: Consider alfalfa, flaxseed, licorice root, Reishi mushrooms, tomatoes, and Siberian ginseng, which are also known to provide cholesterol-lowering benefits.

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