Research is showing that more people consider lifestyle changes such as spending time with others to be important for their overall health. The study included 23,000 participants from 17 countries and included several different lifestyle categories.

For instance, one category included “Spend time with family, friends, or pets.”  In the 2017 survey, 62% of respondents said that spending quality time was important. This was an increase from 56% from when the survey was administered in 2014.

Interestingly, the leading countries where respondents said it was important to spend quality time with loved ones or their pets were:

  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • Argentina
  • Canada
  • Brazil

Another change lifestyle change was “Take a break from technology.” In 2014 the percentage of people who put down their screens was 24%, but in 2017 that had increased ten points to 34%. “Follow a specific diet,” also saw a significant increase, from 18% to 29% as well as, “Eat healthy nutritious food,” from 58% to 65%.

What does this all mean? Perhaps the data indicates that more people value these kinds of lifestyle changes and how they relate to their everyday lives. For example, with “Spend time with family, friends, or pets,” people may consider this kind of quality time important for their well-being.

It should also be noted that these are changes that all of us can easily make to our daily routines. When we feel connected to others in our lives we have a sense of belonging and community. We humans need that experience in order to function and survive.

Want to learn more about the survey results and how more people are attributing lifestyle changes to their health? You can read the full post by Markets Insider here:  Spending Time With Family/Pets as Popular as Healthy Eating and Exercise to Maintain ‘Physical Health’, Show GfK Data.