It turns out that apple cider vinegar is gaining popularity for treating the scalp, with some even claiming that it can regrow your hair. Yet, is this really true?

Apple cider vinegar comes from the fermentation of apples that have been crushed up. The result of the fermentation process is that the sugar in the apples is broken down using bacteria and then converted into alcohol using yeast. The alcohol, in turn, is turned into vinegar thanks to Acetobacter bacteria. The vinegar contains microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.  

The solution has been used for centuries as a hair care and scalp treatment product.

Examples of how apple cider vinegar

  • Smoothing out hair tangles and knots, and frizzy hair.
  • Maintaining the pH balance of the scalp and hair.
  • Treating dandruff as well as dry and itchy scalp.
  • Boost hair body.

It should be noted that none of the above treatment methods have been confirmed by scientific study.

Another claim is that apple cider vinegar can help regrow hair that has fallen out due to hair loss using a rinse. Yet this too may also just be a pipedream for those struggling with thinning hair. There is no scientific data or research that shows that apple cider vinegar can actually regrow hair. The reason why some have made this claim is that the vinegar has been traditionally been used as a hair and skin care product since the time of the Romans.

So, although there is no proof that apple cider vinegar can regrow hair, it may help with treating dandruff and keeping your hair clean. Would you like to learn more about apple cider vinegar and its uses? You can read the full post by Medical News Daily here:  Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair Growth:  Does it Work?