There has been talk about how copper can be bad for you and cause cancer. Suzy Cohen has researched the question. She found that the right amount of copper is vital. Too much copper causes health problems, but so does too little.

The proper amount of copper is necessary for our body to make 50 of the enzymes we need. It also is used in our transporters to carry neurotransmitters and hormones throughout the body. Copper supports our energy level, and protects the lining of our blood vessels and myelin. One of the most important things copper does is support the making of two enzymes called SOD and DOA. SOD keeps cells from being killed by superoxide and repairs the cells. SOD has anti-cancer aspects, as well as protecting mitochondria. Without enough SOD, you are at greater risk of cardiovascular disease.

DOA is the enzyme that breaks down histamine in your body. You get histamine from hundreds of foods. Copper increases the function and activity of the DOA. Do you have iron resistant anemia? It may be due to not having enough copper. Your blood can’t absorb iron without copper.

Where copper is concerned, there’s a problem. The role of copper is not well researched, so your doctor might not know how to check your copper level properly. For an accurate test, you need an RBC or WBC. What the doctors usually check is plasma and serum, which will not tell you if the copper is in your cells, or just hanging out in your bloodstream. This is why proper testing is vital. Let’s say you get the test on the serum, and it comes back normal or high. That’s good right? Maybe not. You can have high or normal levels in your serum, but your cells are starving for copper. You see the problem? Proper testing is a must.


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