As we age or suffer illness, our bones get weaker. Of course, there is medication that can help, but the side effects are many. There are lots of ads on TV promoting lawyers who bring cases to court for their clients suffering the severe side effects, and/or death, against the companies that make these drugs.

However, Mother Nature has a way to help too. It’s called nobiletin, which is the pith of citrus fruits — the white stringy part and the peel. Nobiletin has lots of uses from lowering cholesterol to fighting cancer. Today, we will be talking about what it does for your bones.

The way our bones weaken is either that we don’t make new bone, or we break down the bones too soon. We need a balancing act with our bones to get rid of the old, and make new. One thing you may not know is that bones are not solid, they are kind of spongy, which is why exercise is important. Bones have cells and absorb minerals, and their growth can be affected by hormone balance, diet, and supplements. As we age, our thyroid begins to decline which is a big problem. Without the thyroid hormone T3, our bones stop rebuilding, and have trouble absorbing the minerals they need. In a study done on rodents that had their ovaries removed (which leads to a loss of estrogen and bone), the rodents were given nobiletin. Not only did the osteoporosis stop, it reversed the bone damage.

Nobiletin works in this way: The antioxidants stop the pathways of inflammation and prostaglandin, letting your body go back to its balancing act. This does not mean that an orange a day will keep a hip fracture away, but pith is a good supplement. As always, ask your doctor about this option.

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