Are you worried about how you’re going to stick to healthy eating during the holidays?  Dr. Mark Hyman, in a post on his website, describes how you can maintain a healthy diet and still enjoy those holiday parties.

Dr. Hyman first advises to keep in mind the goals you’ve set for healthy eating. He suggests imagining how you want to feel during these events:  active and engaged or slow and bloated?

When preparing to go to a party, don’t skip meals. Instead, eat foods rich in protein and fat. These can actually help with cravings you might experience later.  Bring a dish to the party that’s healthy, so you have at least one option available. When at the party pick out the healthy options:  salads, vegetables, etc, and avoid the snacks/appetizers.

Many social events serve alcohol. Dr. Hyman says to avoid drinking. Alcohol can lead to making poor choices later on. Also, alcohol contains empty calories and sugar.  Consider either asking for, or bringing, sparkling water with lemon/lime.

While at the event, be mindful. Take deep breaths when eating and slow down, focusing on each bite. You can also focus on other people, engaging in conversations and building relationships rather than having all of your attention on the food. If someone tries to “push” a food or dish on you, politely decline.

If you do slip up, don’t get caught up in guilt. Reflect on that eating experience and what it was like for you.  That way you can make a different choice next time.

In-between social events stay focused on your diet by sticking to healthy foods and meals. Remember that these can be opportunities to connect with family and friends.

If possible, host a holiday party yourself. Then, you can be more in control of the food options available.

Want to learn more about how you can make health eating choices during the holidays?  You can read the full article here:  10 Strategies to Stay on Track During the Holidays.