Are you trying to change your diet and eat more healthy foods? According to Rodale Wellness, the trick to healthy eating is being consistent with food choices. Flipping back-and-forth between healthy and unhealthy foods is not a recipe for success. Rodale Wellness identifies several myths when it comes to eating healthy.

One common myth is that eating healthy foods means  you have to have suffer a boring and bland diet. Nothing is further from the truth! It is possible to create healthy meals that don’t sacrifice on taste.

Another myth? That it takes longer to make healthy meals versus those that are unhealthy. Rodale Wellness says that it’s possible to make a healthy dinner within 30 minutes.  So it’s possible to create meals that are not just tasty, but quick too.

There’s also a diet myth suggesting that, in order to be healthy, you must have a strict diet, eliminating certain food from your diet. However, there are lots of options available for substituting foods for healthy choices. You don’t have to eliminate those unhealthy choices forever. Yet, as Rodale Wellness notes, once you are consistent with a healthy diet you are less likely to want to switch back to unhealthy foods. If you do, you probably won’t want to eat much anyway.  

One key point is that when people attempt to change their diets they feel deprived. They think that all they need is the willpower to resist temptations. This isn’t a recipe for success.  Instead, by making diet changes for foods you like that are better for you will have greater success. Also, an occasional indulgence isn’t the end of the world!

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