It turns out that green tea has been known to have positive health benefits for thousands of years. However, according to we are still learning how this tea can help regarding a wide range of health and medical issues.

Green tea originated in Asia and has been used in China, India, Thailand, and Japan. It was used in traditional medical practices to control bleeding and with heart issues. Researchers today are learning more about how drinking green tea helps other problems as well.

One component in green tea are antioxidants, specifically polyphenols, which in green tea are referred to as catechins. One of these catechins, called epigallocatechin (EGCG) is considered to have the most health benefit. For example:

  • Reducing the effects of aging.
  • Combating virus infections.
  • Attacking free radicals.
  • Reducing the risk of heart disease.
  • Preventing cancer.
  • Guarding DNA from damage.

Other health issues that can be improved through green tea consumption include:

  • High blood pressure.
  • Liver problems.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Tooth decay.
  • Diabetes
  • Issues with digestion.
  • Blood sugar.
  • Bad breath.

Green Tea vs. Other Teas

Interestingly, when compared to other teas such as black tea and oolong tea, green tea has more polyphenols. This is due to how the teas are processed. Black tea and oolong tea are fermented, which means more polyphenols are lost in processing than green tea, which is steamed. recommends using unfermented and unprocessed green tea when possible. This is so that you can get the most health benefit as possible. It also warns that green tea is not a “magic bullet” for preventing all the health problems that ail you. However, it can be incorporated into an overall lifestyle that focuses on health and well-being. Plus, it’s delicious to drink too!

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