Health Benefit of Brussels Sprouts


The World’s Healthiest Foods provides  information about the health benefits of Brussels Sprouts. This includes nutritional data and how this vegetable can help lower cholesterol, fight cancer, and even positively affect our DNA! Brussels sprouts are considered a cruciferous vegetable.  These are the dark colored and crunchy veggies that include foods like broccoli. The World’s [...]

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Can Foods Help You Detox?


No time to go to a spa for a 30-day detox?? No need, just make some specific changes to your diet as a good start.Finally, some good news about detoxification.  By making changes to your diet, you can be proactive against becoming toxic and retaining toxins.We come into contact with toxins in two major ways: [...]

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Prevention for Pre-eclampsia and Eclampsia


I have seen a few women just this week, who have experienced pre-eclampsia or eclampsia during their pregnancies.  I thought it might be time to write about it in an effort to help women not fall into this largely avoidable scenario. Pre-eclampsia affects 5-7% of all pregnant women and has been reported to cause over [...]

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What’s the Scoop on Thyroid Medication and Morning Coffee Intake?


Do you already take your thyroid medication away from food? If so, good job! You're doing that correctly. However, some patients drink coffee or their morning espresso while waiting for their medication to be fully absorbed. Recent studies have indicated that this may not be such a good idea. In the journal Thyroid, researchers found [...]

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Take Iodine to Protect Yourself from Nuclear Radiation


In response to the current nuclear reactor catastrophe in Japan, Holistica Integrative Care wants to share some strategies for prevention of exposure.  No one can confirm the amount of risk we face and government officials are claiming that the exposure is likely low.  US citizens aren’t buying it. Instead, they are buying foods, nutritional supplements [...]

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Turn Up the Heat!


(Part 4 of 4) If you are convinced that you are not depressed but rather your thyroid is not working optimally, I encourage you to get tested (see blog entry Part 1 of 4).  You might benefit from metabolic rehab—rehabilitating your master regulator – your thyroid.   If you feel that you are struggling to get [...]

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Rehabilitate your Metabolism


(Part 3 of 4) Did you know that 50% of people who are depressed actually have a low functioning thyroid?  There are so many symptoms that are actually due to a low functioning thyroid that are never considered in the normal physical exam and intake.  I love to watch the body perform with an improved [...]

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Is anyone listening to you?


(Part 2 of 4) I would bet that many of you are actually in the TSH “ normal” range  (0.4-4.46) due to the use of thyroid hormone replacement-or not-but still have every symptom in the list of thyroid symptoms (fatigue, hair loss, headaches, insomnia, joint and muscle aches, fibrocystic breasts, weight gain, depression, irregular menses, [...]

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My doctor says my thyroid tests are normal


Breaking news! I am blogging, which those who know me will wonder how I actually have any time to do this between having a full time practice and being a full time mom. Doesn't leave much time for creative writing, but I'm excited to be using this forum as a way to connect with my [...]

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