Every second, every minute of every day, from the day you’re born until the day you die, your body is constantly working to keep you in the best health it can. You never have to think about telling your body to digest your food or your cells to reproduce; your body accomplishes these crucial tasks and more all on its own. And your body usually does a very good job of taking care of you. From making sure your wounds heal correctly to battling infection, in many aspects your body acts as a self-contained “pharmacy.” To care for yourself in the most effective way possible, you want to work with this internal pharmacy and take advantage of it.

    Fortunately, this is not as difficult as it may seem. By and large, this just means making small, healthy choices every day. So instead of making your body work harder to keep you healthy, give it a helping hand with these tips:


  • Food: Different people (and their different “pharmacies”) may require slightly different nutritional programs, but everyone should have a goal of eating sensibly. That means understanding the balance of the right ingredients in the right amounts to help our bodies make the chemicals we need. Processed foods are often lacking the beneficial molecules our bodies need to gain when we eat, so a “whole foods diet” is recommended to get the most from your meals.

  • Water: It is recommended that you drink at least 64 ounces of water a day, but how many people even come close to that? Even very mild dehydration can have a negative impact on your body, and your body needs to stay hydrated every step of the way if you expect it to take care of itself as best it can.

  • Rest: For how hard your body works on its own every day, is it any wonder cutting back on downtime can severely impact its functioning? Your body continues to work even while you sleep, especially doing repairs and hormonal controls. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for optimum daytime functioning.

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