When it comes to eating right and getting a balanced diet, it’s not rocket science. If you can move past all the fad diets and food trends, you can get back to basics and a healthy, more natural way of eating. Beneath it all, the most basic food rules are really the best. Tried and true, passed down through recipes and lore they are time-tested and often true.

    Think about when you were a child and being told you couldn’t leave the dinner table until you finished your vegetables! Don’t forget about fruits and veggies now that you’re an adult, either. Find vegetables you like and keep a lot of variety on your plate. If you mix and match a variety of produce, your body will have access to all kinds of great vitamins and nutrients it needs to be healthy. No matter what you read, a multivitamin pill just can’t beat the benefits of honest-to-goodness fruits and vegetables. Lignans in broccoli and cabbage can help prevent breast and prostate cancer, while blueberries and blackberries are chock full of antioxidants that may prevent heart disease. For the full range of these beneficial phytochemicals, keep a large and varying supply fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

    Grains are everywhere these days, but are really most beneficial in moderation. When you supplement your diet with grains, go natural and buy products with minimal processing. Whole wheats and steel-cut oats are healthier alternatives to more processed items. Eating unprocessed grains gives you the added vitamins and fiber found in the outer hull of the grain, and the longer time needed for digestion means more energy for a longer period of time.

    As a society, we put a lot of focus on food. Changing your eating habits can be tough, but it is easy to take small steps. Get back to basics at a farmers market, or find great healthy recipes to try. Keep it simple and it’s easier to keep it healthy!
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