Which medication is best for low thyroid? Some people swear by a natural product, Armour thyroid. Some doctors prefer thyroxine. Is one product more beneficial than the other?

Well-known physician Dr. Andrew Weil weighs in with his opinion:      

“I used to recommend Armour thyroid to treat an underactive thyroid. This product contains both T3 and T4, a combination of two hormones produced by the gland. I find that some patients respond better to the combination than to T4 (thyroxine) alone,” notes Weil.

Thyroid deficiency (hypothyroidism) can be uncomfortable for people dealing with a variety of the condition’s symptoms:

o   low energy levels,

o   constipation,

o   dry, flaky skin,

o   a sensitivity to cold,

o   depression,

o   weight gain,

o   joint stiffness and

o   hair loss.

Weil felt that Armour thyroid was no longer the best answer to hypothyroidism is because it is derived from pigs. This meant during hormone replacement, contamination and disease transmitted by animal tissue could occur, an unacceptable risk.

Weil now recommends Thyrolar, a synthetic drug. This solution offers both T3 and T4, and is the best approximation of the natural human combination of hormones produced by the thyroid. The doctor believes that recipients may notice that Thyrolar also has a better mood-enhancing quality.

To help alleviate symptoms naturally, Weil suggests the following tips:

o   Incorporate an anti-inflammatory diet.

o   Make it a habit exercise regularly.

o   De-stress with relaxation techniques.

o   Avoid excessive intake of unhelpful foods like cabbage, broccoli, radishes, peanuts, and soybeans that interfere with thyroid function.

Take thyroid medication on an empty stomach, since some foods interfere with absorption, and avoid drugs and supplements that may interact with thyroid medication.

You may consider trying to perform a shoulder stand, which can help by increasing circulation to the thyroid.

It is very important to have your thyroid function checked periodically. Monitor your progress to see determine whether the dosage of medication needs to be adjusted.

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