According to Dr. Mark Hyman, “food is medicine.” Diabetes and obesity are preventable and reversible. We must remove disease-producing food, eat the right foods, and incorporate aggressive lifestyle modifications.

Pull the sugar.  The most important thing you can do to reduce your risk or reverse type 2 diabetes and obesity is to eliminate or radically reduce sugar in all its forms. 

Stock up on whole, unprocessed foods. Buy colorful fruits and vegetables, omega-3 fats, coconut butter and olive oil, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Encourage your genes and metabolism, reverse insulin resistance and diabetes, and prevent heart disease.

Get the right nutrients. Supplements make your cells more sensitive to insulin, and more effective at metabolizing sugar and fat. At the very minimum, incorporate:

o   A high-quality multivitamin and mineral

o   One to two grams of omega 3 fatty acids

o   1,000 – 2,000 IUs of vitamin D3

o   300 – 600 mg of alpha lipoic acid twice a day

o   200 – 600 mcg of chromium polynicotinate

o   5 grams of PGX, a unique type of fiber, before meals with eight oz. of water

Get the right exercise. No need for a gym, just a 30-minute walk can help. Vigorous exercise is the key.

Get sufficient sleep. Lack of sleep damages metabolism, encourages carb cravings and poor diet, and increases your risk for diseases like type 2 diabetes. Eight hours of sleep makes all the difference. Create rituals that provide the best rest.

Control stress levels. Managing chronic stress is critical to obesity and diabetes management. Meditation, deep breathing, yoga, massage, etc., keep stress and type 2 diabetes in check.

Measure to improve.  Track your results. Journaling your progress can provide inspiration and keep you going. Record what you eat, a baseline of all measurements, including weight, height, waist size, body mass index (BMI), and blood pressure.

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