In people who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a disease of the central nervous system, the myelin sheaths that surround neurons are attacked by their own immune system. This creates scars, impairing signals between the brain and spinal cord, and leading to a multitude of symptoms. The disease is unpredictable and symptoms vary greatly from one person to another. It appears to have many causes. Some of them are:

Immune Dysregulation, an autoimmune problem in which the body attacks specific cells.

Genetic Predisposition. MS isn’t a genetic disease, but having a relative with the disease increases the risk of getting it. This may be related to how one’s environment affects their genetics.

Nutrient or Chemical Influences. A lack of sunlight resulting in Vitamin D deficiency, environmental toxins, or heavy metal exposure can contribute to the risk for this disease.

Microbes can also increase one’s risk. Illnesses early in life, especially viruses, may contribute to the demyelination process.

Some patients have improved by addressing imbalances in nutrition. The proper diet is best accomplished using trial and error, because the same approach doesn’t work for every one. However, acupuncture almost always gives symptom relief to MS patients.

Acupuncture is custom tailored to an individual’s current symptoms and can provide different treatments according to the need. Treatment might be appropriate any time from once a month to twice a week. Patients consistently report improvement in balance, memory, strength, speech and coordination following a session.

A recent clinical study showed that 20 MS patients who received acupuncture weekly for six weeks showed improvements in pain relief, sleep patterns, mood, energy levels, and mobility. Over half the patients reduced their use of analgesics and three stopped using them altogether. Acupuncture treatments provided some reduction in pain for all 20 subjects.

Therefore, it is appropriate to suggest acupuncture as a treatment for MS.

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