Should you spend your hard-earned money on multivitamins, and waste hours perusing the shelves at your local pharmacy, in search of the blend of nutrients that will actually deliver the health and energy advertised on those little bottles? Suzy Cohen isn’t sold.

As a pharmaceutical expert and holistic health advocate, Cohen calls you to reconsider your thoughts on multivitamins and their health benefits. Why? Let’s see:

  • For one thing, it seems fairly clear that there is a serious spending imbalance for these vitamin companies. A great deal more money goes to marketing, than research and production of quality products. A big red flag.
  • A quick review of the ingredients listed on most bottles reveals a tendency to use cheap and possible irritating excipients, or inactive substances, used to transport active nutrients through the body. Who wants a vitamin that may not actually be safe for you or make you feel better?
  • Not surprisingly, multivitamins don’t fill the nutritional gap you think they will. The amount of nutrients is negligible at best, or contains version of nutrients that are not digested, metabolized, or penetrable. Essentially, you just create “expensive urine” because all you can do is send those pills right through your system and into the toilet!

There are risks to ingesting those multivitamins as well. You could be allergic to the fillers, susceptible to toxins created by inferior supplements, bothered by the chemical dyes, and/or hindered by cramps and diarrhea due to the cheap forms of magnesium used frequently.

It seems clear, multivitamins are not the magic cure for a bad diet and unhealthy lifestyle we think they are. Don’t let the pharmaceutical and multilevel market companies fool you.

As Suzy Cohen notes, “We need to stop fooling ourselves into thinking we can eat garbage and take one tiny pill to fix it all!”

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