Do you constantly crave a sweet treat or carb and can’t stop?

Cravings can seem uncontrollable, making the desire hard to resist. The Tiny Buddha discusses food cravings, how we get them, and ways to stop having them.

Often, cravings are simply chalked up to having a lack of control. In reality, when we experience cravings, there are usually specific reasons why.

So how do we typically get food cravings? The Tiny Buddha explains that there are three ways:

1. Emotions:  As humans, we may have an emotional connection to a particular food. One that reminds us of our past. These feelings generate the cravings. Also, experiencing hard or difficult emotions can lead to using food to cope.

2. Processed Food:  Food processing has become a science in of itself, with the goal of selling more products to consumers. A lot of research goes into making many foods more desirable to eat. These same foods though are very unhealthy.  

3. Sugar:  Food cravings can be caused by a sugar imbalance in the body. Sugars include both what we think of as typical sugar and highly processed carbohydrates. The body both breaks down into glucose for energy. Processed foods release glucose quickly, while foods made from whole grains release sugar more slowly.

How can food cravings be stopped? The Tiny Buddha has several recommendations:

  • For emotions-based cravings, it’s important to understand that foods will not solve your emotional problems. Try to get to the source of why you feel troublesome emotions. Practice healthier coping methods like mindfulness and stress reduction.
  • To fight off cravings derived from food engineering, become an informed consumer. Start by understanding what you’re eating and learn to see through the marketing gimmicks.
  • For cravings from sugar imbalance, eat smarter. Know when to eat, what foods to include in meals, and how much to consume.

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