This fall, make sure you’re doing everything you can for your body. The changing temperatures and increase of allergens in the air can affect some people, but there are easy ways to keep your body going strong.

From daily practices to holistic medicine treatments, these are the best wellness tips to help you thrive this fall and feel better than ever.

Woman Leaning Against a Tree At Sunset Drinking Tea

Eat Superfoods

Some foods really are super. Foods like chia seeds and fresh berries are beloved in wellness communities for their amazing health benefits. Superfoods hydrate the body, improve your digestion, and offer so many nutrients like antioxidants and calcium that are vital to health and wellness. Imagine eating something delicious and making your body healthier at the same time! For best results, eat superfoods like a chia seed pudding with berries and fresh flavor extracts like vanilla or peppermint oil. If you want added sweetness, a little fresh and local honey is a great sweetener. A clinic for holistic medicine can provide nutritional guidance.

Head to the Sauna

Saunas are calming and relaxing, but did you know that they offer amazing benefits to your body as well? Fall breezes and cooler weather mean less opportunities to sweat. Sweating in a controlled environment like a relaxing infrared sauna can trigger a boost in immunity and release toxins from the body. Both of these benefits can help you get through the allergy and illness season that is Fall.

Pumpkin Soup and Veggies

Eat Seasonal

People are now used to having access to all kinds of foods at all times of the year–pumpkin in the spring, tomatoes in the winter–but it’s actually better for your body to eat seasonal produce. You get more nutrition from foods that are naturally in season than from those available out of season. For example, citrus fruits that you eat out of season may have been matured with artificial chemical gases, rather than developing naturally on a tree. This fall, focus on apples, fall squash like pumpkin and butternut squash, corn, and root vegetables. Remember, the best diet is one that’s high in whole, minimally processed foods. Eating what’s in season is better for the environment, too!

Focus on Mental Health

Grayer skies, cooler temperatures, and vegetation entering the hibernation stage can all be triggers for seasonal anxiety or depression. But did you know that there are other well-known triggers for poor mental health? Toxins in the body and an imbalance of the microbiome in your intestinal tract can actually affect your mind, too. Use the season of Fall to go inward, and focus on what you can do to improve your mental health. Eat mindfully, and try practices like yoga that encourage mental balance. This is especially important before the stresses of the winter holidays. Seek help from a holistic medicine practitioner when necessary.

Protect Your Skin

Fall can also be a dry season. The skin might react to declining temperatures by becoming dry and itchy. Focus on your skin health as a vital self-care practice and to stay comfortable in Fall conditions. Eat more nutrients to feed your skin from within, drink more water, and apply natural lotions regularly. You can even consider IV therapy from a center for holistic medicine to give your body a natural nutrient boost.

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