Is your brain is out of balance?

The Amen Clinics provide strategies for determining and treating specific brain challenges. Consider the following indications that something needs attention:

  • Your memory is worse than a decade ago.

Age and memory deterioration are not synonymous. Time has some effect, but you can build up a “brain reserve.” Choose now the healthy things to slow down the natural aging process of your brain.

  • Your energy is low most of the time.

A healthy brain provides sufficient energy. Depleted energy is a result of bad habits. Too much sugar, processed foods, and unhealthy fats are common dietary problems. Insufficient sleep and exercise, drugs, and alcohol use wears you down.  

  • You are impulsive and do things you shouldn’t.

Poor self-control indicates a problem with brain function. Sometimes issues are related to past brain injury, attention deficits, or indicate approaching dementia. It is wise to get SPECT brain imaging to identify the biological challenges.

  • You are frequently stressed, worried and anxious.

Overwhelming stress and anxiety increase harmful cortisol production. A regular flow of automatic negative thoughts (ANTS) stimulates anxiety. WIth treatment, anxious thinking can be corrected.

  • Your mood tends to be low most of the time.

Something is out of balance in your brain, if you are generally down. Mood issues can interfere with relationships, your health, and a sense of satisfaction in life. Imaging work at Amen Clinics determines 5 major brain systems impacting mood regulation, and 7 different types of anxiety and depression. It’s important to know your type to receive the proper treatment.

Take measures as soon as possible to determine whether your brain is in trouble. Amen Clinics have the specialized tools to help you address diagnosed issues. Don’t wait too long to get a brain scan, and make the appropriate changes, to turn problems around now.