Your menstrual cycle can bring with it a long list of unpleasant side effects, from mood swings and irritability to bloating and cramping. While cramping is minor for some women, causing little more trouble than a mild stomachache, but for others, cramps can become a debilitating monthly problem that prevents them from participating in daily activities. For these women, treatment for those menstrual cramps is essential to continue functioning daily. If you’re looking for holistic medicine treatments in Boulder, CO, for your menstrual cramps, you may be surprised to learn that cinnamon can help. Keep reading to learn more.

Woman Sitting on a Sofa with Blanket in Pain from Menstrual Cramps

A Double-Blind Study

The benefits of cinnamon in reducing menstrual cramping was discovered several years ago in a study conducted among college-aged women in Iran. Seventy-six women participated in the study. Half of them received a placebo and half were given capsules of dried cinnamon powder and instructed to take two capsules three times a day during the first three days of their menses. Hormonal contraceptives and other pain management medications were not permitted during the study.

The study was a double-blind test, and the women were asked to report on pain severity, nausea severity, and amount of bleeding several times in the first 72 hours. In regard to pain from cramping, both the severity and duration of the pain were significantly lower in the group that was given cinnamon capsules than it was in the group receiving a placebo. This indicates that cinnamon may help to reduce the pain caused by menstrual cramps, making it a more holistic treatment alternative to traditional over-the-counter pain medications.

Other Benefits during Menstrual Cycles

The participants in this study reported on more than just the severity of their menstrual cramping; the study also looked at instances of nausea related to the menstrual cycle as well as the amount of bleeding experienced in the first three days of the cycle.

In this study, the women receiving cinnamon capsules reported significantly decreased instances of nausea in relation to their menstrual cycles as compared to the placebo group. Additionally, the amount of bleeding in the women taking cinnamon capsules decreased significantly at 24 hours and 48 hours.

For women who experience nausea during their periods, this may indicate that cinnamon can help to manage those instances of sickness and even vomiting during your menstrual cycle. Or, if you have extremely heavy periods and want to reduce the amount you bleed, cinnamon may be a holistic and safe way of doing so.

Cinnamon Powder, Cinnamon Powder in a Glass Jar, and Cinnamon Sticks

Additional Health Benefits

Cinnamon offers far more benefits than reducing your menstrual symptoms. It’s loaded with antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties (which may account for its ability to reduce menstrual cramping), may reduce your risk of heart disease, and has a powerful anti-diabetic effect. Overall, cinnamon is an incredible tool for maintaining your overall health while also helping you to manage the pain and discomfort associated with your period.

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