Medical News Daily reports there is a new study documenting how acupuncture, an ancient medical technique from China, can actually help women struggling with the symptoms related to menopause. The research was published in the journal Menopause.

Menopause occurs when menstrual periods end for a woman and she can no longer conceive by natural means. This can cause hormone changes that result in hot flashes or night sweats. These can be uncomfortable and interfere with a woman’s daily activities.

In the study, researchers from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center split 209 women, between 45-60 years old, who hadn’t experienced a period for 3 months. One group was treated with acupuncture for six months, and then observed for an additional six months. The second group did not receive acupuncture for the first six months of the study, but did receive it for the second six months. Participants were able to have, at a maximum, twenty acupuncture sessions during the six-month time period.

In addition, the participants filled out surveys that asked about:

  • Sleep quality
  • Whether the participants had anxiety or depression
  • Whether hot flashes were a problem with their daily lives

The results showed that after the first six months, the group that initially received treatment had 36.7% less hot flashes each day. After a year, this same group still had 29.4% fewer hot flashes. The initial non-treatment group also began to see a reduction in hot flashes once their treatment regimen began.

The researchers noted that the study was not intended to prove whether or not the symptom reduction was due to acupuncture treatment. They assert that the symptoms could have been resolved in other ways. However, it does suggest that acupuncture might have some benefit for women struggling with the symptoms of menopause. More research will be needed to further explore this issue.

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