The desire to be a mother can be heartbreaking, when trying is met with failure or miscarriage.

The Fertile Heart Ovum Practice was the key to healing for one mom-to-be.

Julia Indichova discovered three things through the practice:

  1. Rekindling her belief in the possibility of getting pregnant naturally was key.
  2. “Finding and owning” her desire for her own child was vital.
  3. She needed to spend time repairing her relationship with her husband. They spent time  dealing with their fear and the unhealthy ways it manifested itself. They dealt with unhealthy or unproductive communication, poor self-images, blaming, shame and emotional obstacles and boundaries.

Indichova relates how she struggled to connect her body and mind in a way that would facilitate a healthy pregnancy. When a doctor told her chances were downgraded or limited, her body would “freak out” due to the mental stress, and she would feel that there was “a get pregnant now” gun held to her head.

It was about that time when she discovered the Fertile Heart website and decided to attend a conference.

There, she learned to follow through despite the obstacles. She also learned to put away the tendency to distance herself from hope, in an effort to shield herself from disappointment.

She and her husband began to talk and make connections about her husband’s childhood story, and his propensity to catastrophize their current parenthood journey. They learned to be more compassionate and supportive.

As she continued to put the Fertile Heart program into regular practice, she began to take charge of her body, learned to see doctors as a resource rather than authorities over her life, and worked with a therapist to regain optimal strength in her body and mind.

In time, Indichova began to cultivate faith in the plan to conceive. She believed it would happen, even when it happened for others sooner. And soon it did.

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