Dr. Mark Hyman doesn’t feel that you have to deny yourself nearly as much as vegan and Paleo diets imply. Combine the two to get the most beneficial diet available, the “Pegan diet.”

What’s that? A  hybrid of Paleo and vegan.

Let’s take a look:

It’s the perfect combo. The meat inclusion means it’s not vegan. The grains and legumes required means it’s not Paleo. Veggies are the common denominator! Unlike most grain and protein-focused diets, Pegan’s will prioritize produce.

Eat meat…on the side. The Pegan diet includes moderate meat consumption. What doe that look like? A Pagan plate has  on it a huge amount of veggies, with a few strips of beef on top. Grass-fed, organic beef. You can afford it now that you’re eating so little of it!

Only good fats go in. Keep vegetable oil out. It is definitely not a good fat. You don’t need the refined oils, GMOs and subsequent inflammation. Get your healthy omega-3 fatty acids from sardines, grass-fed meat, coconut oil, avocados and more.

Prioritize plants. Pegans are sure to keep 75 percent of their plates produce based. How many fruit and veggie dishes have you abandoned for grains, fats and meats?

Back away from gluten-containing grains. Avoid gluten-containing grains to keep blood sugar levels steady, reduce GMO exposure, and decrease gluten-related inflammation. Include black rice, quinoa or sweet potatoes in your diet.

Deny yourself dairy. Dairy does more harm than good, as it causes inflammation. Dr. Hyman notes, “It is for growing calves into cows, not for humans.” Soy has its problems too, so focus on cashew, coconut or flax milk to fulfill daily requirements.

Sugar can be eaten sparingly. Sugar is addictive. It may be an occasional treat not a daily one.

Packaged, processed foods too, of course, should never touch Pegan lips.

There is nothing healthy about  GMOs, dyes, hormones, chemicals, and artificial sweeteners. The Pegan diet fills you up and fuels your body with sustainable organic meat and produce, moderate amounts of healthy fats, and some grains. The environment and you are both winners in the end.

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