The brain deserves a lot of credit, and a lot of care and consideration. How often do you show your appreciation? Do you even give it much thought?

If you wanted to take better care of your brain, would you know how?

Consider the following “Top 10 biggest mistakes people make for their brains:”

   Lack of protection: To enjoy all the relationships, memories, knowledge and dreams contained within your brain, you must guard it carefully every day. Failing to do so just once can have lasting effects.

   Allowing children to put their brains at risk: One head injury can change a child’s life dramatically and permanently. Keep kids from playing contact sports, and don’t rely on helmets to protect your child’s brain. Helmets do not prevent brain injury, just skull fractures.

   Poisoning your brain: A healthy brain does not indulge in drugs, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and environmental pollutants. These things are junk food for the brain, and impair blood flow and reasoning.

   Low fat diets: Your brain needs fat. Omega-3 fatty acids fuel your brain. Murder, suicide, depression, and autism are linked to low cholesterol. Don’t give up eating healthy fats. You brain counts on them.

   Lack of goals: Give your brain something to work toward. Purpose, focus, and achievement are important and healthy, for a strong sense of consciousness and accomplishment.

   Too much TV: Limiting “no brainer” activities to 30 minutes per day is best, and makes a significant difference for kids managing ADD and ADHD.

   Lack of learning: Use your brain. It needs new information, skills, and undertakings to stay fit.

   Late detection: Get a handle on potential brain issues, well before they become a problem. A SPECT scan is the best way to seek out information about your brain.

   Believing the negativity: Automatic negative thoughts” must be challenged. Don’t allow them to increase your stress levels. If stress hormones remain in your system, they reduce your brain reserve, cause weight gain, and speed up mental deterioration.

   Failing to support the brains of loved ones: Be someone your friends’ brains appreciate. Encourage you friends to embrace healthy brain habits.