Dr. Mark Hyman writes , on his blog, about how children today are exposed to unhealthy foods.  This can lead to health problems later on down the road, including diabetes, becoming overweight, and even ADHD.  Parents can avoid this trap by teaching their children at an early age about healthy eating and coaching them how to cook their own meals too.

According to Dr. Hyman, one out of seven children develops ADHD, and four out of ten struggle with being overweight.  The rate of type 2 diabetes has risen 1,000%.  Plus, children are eating unhealthy foods while being sedentary, watching television and spending their time in front of screens.  Hyman believes that in order to make change parents, “have to help our kids fall in love with cooking.”

Hyman advises parents to gradually introduce new foods to their children’s diet.  He says that, as a rule, have your kids try a new dish three before the can decided whether or not they like it.  Also, avoid introducing unhealthy foods to young children and babies, such as caffeine, sugars, eggs, corn, wheat, or dairy products.

Involve your children in the cooking process, especially when they are young.  They can start being in the kitchen around age two.  Make things fun such as playing music.  Provide your kids options for dishes to prepare.  Let them help with the meal planning and make the shopping list for the market.

Dr. Hyman makes the point that it’s not just enough to tell your kids to eat healthy. While raising his own children, he realized that he had to get his children interested in,  and excited about, eating healthy and cooking more.  One trick he used was to create a garden that the family could maintain as well as raise foods they could eat.

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