Did you know that you raise the amount of estrogen in your body by drinking from plastic water bottles, or taking birth control pills? This eventually leads to hypothyroidism. Excess amounts of the hormone have a detrimental impact on the active thyroid hormone. If the thyroid hormone is compromised, it cannot assist the cells.

Thyroid binding globulin, or TBG, are transporters that carry your thyroid hormone through your bloodstream and deposit it in your cells. This function wakes your system, keeps you alert, and burns off previous meals.When TBG is high, free thyroid hormone (Free T3) is low. This reveals symptoms of hypothyroidism, or thyroid sickness.

This serious condition of hypothyroidism is a risk factor for premature birth, low birth weight, miscarriage, and poor fetal neurological development. Beware the popular (relatively useless) TSH blood test. It is generally unhelpful, and doesn’t effectively reflect intracellular thyroid levels. Two more effective, specialized blood tests provide a better perspective:

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin or SHBG

In women, there appears to be a strong and direct correlation between the  “sex hormone” and the thyroid hormone. This biomarker rises in response to estrogen, insulin or thyroid hormone. If SHBG is low, you have decreased levels of estrogen, high amounts of insulin (precipitating diabetes) or low quantities of thyroid hormone.

Thyroid Binding Globulin or TBG 

This blood test is meant to examine “taxis” or transporters present in your blood stream. Contraceptive pills increase your TBG, which explain a higher degree of fatigue while taking those drugs. They attach to your thyroid hormone, making you feel worn out. Ask your physician about possible progesterone medication or creams.

What else can you do to ensure thyroid health?

No more plastic. Trade out your plastic water bottles for glass bottles.

Eat organic. Choose to buy grass-fed, organic free-range meats as often as possible.

Choose meds wisely. Look for alternate forms of hormone replacement drugs or contraception options.

Be proactive. Never give in to a list of symptoms that leave you feeling less than your very best, or living a less than optimal life.

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