Why have infertility rates increased?

Because excess sugar intake, and subsequent belly fat, drive hormonal imbalances and create infertility. So as diabetes and obesity have risen in the population, so have reproductive challenges.

In this age of sugar overload, we compensate by pumping out insulin. Eventually we become resistant and require ever more of it. Soon insulin production is out of control. Insulin, a fat-storage hormone, drives inflammation and oxidative stress, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, reduced sex drive, cancer risk, depression, Alzheimer’s, and…infertility.

Dr. Mark Hyman’s work in the area of infertility has also determined that nutritional deficiencies are a key reason for problems in conception and carrying children to term. Through supplementation, intake of whole, low-glycemic foods and a heavily plant-based diet, fertility can be significantly enhanced.

Hyman asserts that hormones can be balanced, infertility reversed, and health improved with the following strategies:

  1. Go low-glycemic. Remove processed, sugary foods. Eat a low-sugar diet with more good fats and lean animal protein.
  2. Implement supplements. Include nutrients like L-carnitine, vitamins C and E, N-acetylcysteine, zinc, and coenzyme-Q10 to enhance male fertility.  Vitamin D, fish oil, and B vitamins are also extremely helpful.
  3. Fix your gut. Problematic gut health contributes to obesity and hormonal imbalances that adversely affect fertility. Eat gut-supporting foods, including fermented food, fiber, and probiotics.
  4. Exercise regularly. Exercise helps balance hormones and decrease sugar cravings that get in the way of optimal fertility.
  5. Control stress. Unaddressed, constant stress may push insulin levels, and reduce sex drive.
  6. Get sufficient sleep. Sleep is not optional. It is restorative and healing. Try for eight hours of quality, sleep nightly.
  7. Reduce your environmental toxin exposure. Investigate ways to reduce environmental toxins that may be interfering with optimal fertility. Studies show hormones may be thrown out of balance by chemical exposure.

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