A simple hormone disruption in your body can lead to a variety of less-than-desirable effects. Intense cravings, poor sleep and memory, and weight gain are just a few signs of a hormone imbalance. But this imbalance can actually be traced back to a number of different causes, and many of those causes are much more common than you may think. The following six factors may be contributing to a hormone imbalance in your body – luckily for you, they are very easy to adjust to get your body back in balance.

    Cosmetics – What you apply to your face could be sending phthalates into your body. Phthalates have been directly linked to changes in thyroid hormone levels as well as cancer, obesity, and diabetes.

    Strenuous, prolonged exercise – While it may seem counterintuitive, too much high-intensity exercise can increase the stress hormone cortisol for hours after exercise. Cortisol then can lower thyroid hormones for even longer, suppressing your metabolism. Keep intense workouts short, and alternate with longer low-intensity exercise.

    Unnecessary medications – Our bodies are home to “friendly” bacteria that help our digestive systems work smoothly. Unfortunately, many common medications can have adverse effect on these bacteria leading to issues like increased body fat storage and reduced insulin sensitivity.

    Artificial sweeteners – Research has linked artificial sweeteners to an increase in cravings and weight gain. Sticking to natural sweeteners such as those found in fresh fruits will help keep hormones and cravings on track.

    Acidity – The acidity of your body can have a dramatic effect on your hormones. You can check your daily pH values throughout the day with simple pH papers. Your daily saliva pH, for example, should be between 7.0 and 7.4 to be functioning in a healthy range. Adjusting your diet can help bring your body pH levels to a healthy level.

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