The summer sun may not be with us for too much longer, if indeed it is still sticking around right now in your part of the world. As fall approaches, many of us are noticing our skin feels dry and maybe even sensitive, thanks to over exposure to the sun and air pollution. Fortunately, fall also means harvest time for many foods that can help revitalize your skin. When the effect is visible in your face, it really drives home the point that healthy eating makes a noticeable difference in your well being!

Take pumpkin for example. This quintessential symbol of fall has a high vitamin A content and therefore loads of retinol as well. And if you’re not a fan of pumpkin pie, the good news is you don’t even have to eat it to obtain its skin-enhancing benefits. Pureed pumpkin, organic honey, and a squeeze of lemon make a great face mask. You should see an improved texture and tone, says Dr. Stafford Broumand, associate clinical professor of plastic surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York. Carrots can similarly be boiled and mashed for a great black-head alleviating mask with a little honey, olive oil, and lemon.

Cranberries, that other Thanksgiving staple, have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and like most deep red berries, are high in nutrients. This, of course, applies to the fresh version more than its canned cousin. Another deep red fall food is beets, best until October, so you can get their benefits without waiting for the holiday season. Not only do they contain fiber that helps you feel fuller for longer, they have detoxifying properties because they stimulate the lymphatic system. They also increase the ability of the blood to carry oxygen, which makes dull skin bright.

Cruciferous veggies like Brussels sprouts contain vitamin C which boosts your collagen for more elastic and youthful looking skin. Try some new recipes, like roasting and drizzling with a little balsamic vinegar if you grew up thinking you hated the boiled or steamed dish.

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